Chug Revolution! Mixtape

Ahead of the release of the electro flavoured ‘The Timps’ EP on Monday through Civil Music, which is the first full Om Unit release of the year, the very nice Chug Revolution! mixtape was recently put into circulation by LuckyMe. Originally conceived as part of the Glasgow collective’s Christmas mix series, it only saw the light of day a couple of weeks back, and it now comes complete with a full tracklist that includes some steady slow jams from artists such as Mosca, Kassem Mosse, Mark E and Naive Machine.

Dels – Trumpalump (Gwilym Gold’s Way Below Hell remix) (Big Dada)
Jugoe – In Memory Of (Bastard Jazz)
Clause Four – Suspense (Modern Soul)
1000 Names – Make A Clap (Svetlana Industries)
Kixnare – Keepthat (U Know me Poland)
Mosca – Tilt Shift (Fat City)
Behling + Simpson – Yenesei (unreleased)
Kassem Mosse – Demo Drums (Kinda Soul)
Mark E – Nobody Else (Running Back)
Naive Machine – Afrika (Om Unit Remix) (Hit and Hope)
Gunnar Wendel – 578 (Omar S Rude Boy Warm mix) (FXHE)
Jazz Neversleeps – Natte Vinger (On Point)
Paul Simon – Diamonds Dub (Tangoterje Edit) (Supreme)

Om Unit – Chug Revolution! Mixtape for LuckyMe.


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