Soul Motive Mix

Bristol label Soul Motive has been responsible for releasing some some excellent material over the past couple of years from artists such as Julio Bashmore, Joker and Hyetal. Alex Shailer otherwise known as Coleco, who’s own ‘Campfire Funk’ EP was the label’s third release a couple of years back – and whose more recent ‘Martyr’ EP dropped late last year on Orientis – has recently put together a podcast for DJ Mag that features current and future releases from Soul Motive and sister label Two Floors Down. After the jump

Isola Dusk – Love Gone By (2 Floors Down)
Phaeleh & VVV – Reconcile (Soul Motive)
Hyetal – Gold Or Soul (Soul Motive)
Eleven Tigers – Stableface (Soul Motive)
Eleven Tigers – Stableface (Dark Sky Remix) (Soul Motive)
Thelem – Lucid Dream (Orientis)
Coleco – Martyr (Orientis)
Coleco – Hypnagogia (Soul Motive)
Geiom – Luna (Soul Motive)
Presk – Jump (SM White)
Hyetal & Sines – Secrets (SM White)
Isola Dusk – Waiting For You (2 Floors Down)
Coleco & Victoria Klewin – Train Ticket (Soul Motive)
Sharmaji – How To Move (Davey Jones)
Coleco – Automatic (Soul Motive)



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