Through The Motion

Leeds producer Harry Agius otherwise known as Midland first came to many people’s attention with last year’s Ramadanman collaboration on Aus Music and following the ‘Bring Joy’ twelve inch on This Is Music, he recently returned to the Brighton based label for the moody sub-bass heavy ‘Through Motion’ single that’s been described as ‘a pretty edgy but entirely immersive experience’ and has now made it’s way onto vinyl. He’s also just done a nice mix for URB Magazine that features some deep cuts from the likes of Nicolas Jaar, Space Dimension Controller, Roman Flugel and Ricardo Villalobos. After the jump

1.Comme Il Faut (6 AR) – Porn Sword Tobacco
2. Freerotation – Reagenz
3. Winter Rose (Nicolas Jaar Remix) – The Bees
4. Tape Burn – Consort
5. Journey to the Core of the Unknown Sphere – Space Dimension Controller
6. Tour de Force – Hunee
7. Twice – Joe
8. Dishes & Wishes – Roman Flugel
9. New Horizon – Black Jazz Consortium
10. Double Jointed Sex Freak Pt. 2 – Levon Vincent
11. Falling Acid – Tin man
12. CM (Chloe Remix) – Arnaud Rebotini
13. Magnetic Bodies – Cosmin Trg
14. Through Motion – Midland
15. August – John Roberts
16. Powerless – Ricky L
17. Glamorama – Photek
18. Year 3000 – Braille
19. Spaziale – Marco Shuttle
20. Unknown – Unknown
21. Serpentin – Ricardo Villalobos
22. Oh my days (Midland edit) – Auntie Flo
23. Need Someone – Stubborn Heart


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