Speaking Tectonics

Bristol based Tectonic have just dropped the latest installment of their esteemed Plates series which has been put together to showcase the talent on the label’s roster, and also invite like-minded artists to join the club. This time around Volume Three includes exclusive tracks from a selection of electronic music’s leading and breaking artists including Addison Groove, Roska, 2562, Om Unit, Illum Sphere, Kryptic Minds and Goth Trad. Label boss Pinch, who contributes the deep ‘Blow Out The Candle’ to the release, has delivered a heavyweight thirty minute set at Mixmag showcasing the label’s sounds from the past, present and the future.


1. Tunnidge ‘Universal’ (Tectonic, 2012)
2. 2562 ‘Enforcers’ (Tectonic, 2007)
3. Roska ‘Spearhead’ (Forthcoming on Tectonic)
4. Kryptic Minds ‘The Talisman’ (Tectonic, 2012)
5. Deleted Scenes ‘Reasons’ (Deleted Scenes, 2012)
6. Pinch & Roska ‘Shoulda Rolla’ (Forthcoming on Tectonic)
7. Distal ‘Amphibian’ (Tectonic, 2012)
8. Distance ‘Reboot’ (Tectonic, 2012)
9. OM Unit ‘Pressah’ (Tectonic, 2012)
10. Pinch ‘Tectonic Mix Outro’


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