The Eternal Way

The Cosmic Bridge label run by Om Unit has just announced a digital only release of two-club ready versions from last years ‘Parallel Sounds’ EP by Kromestar, that see’s ‘Don’t Make Sense’ roughed up a bit and ‘Outer Limits’ get more beefed-up rhythmic weight. That’s out on April 16th, and is preceeded some hyper-mutated jungle and footwork edits from the Dream Continuum collaboration between Om Unit and Machinedrum that’s out on Planet Mu next week. And if all that isn’t enough, the London producer has also just put together a big mix for the latest Rhythm Incursions podcast series that features plenty of exclusives, including forthcoming remixes for Fracture and 813, as well as a first listen to a cut from an upcoming EP on Civil Music. [via]

Om Unit – The World Is Simply A Mirror

1. Jay 5ive and Kromestar – Backwoods (forthcoming Bass N’ Love)
2. Moresounds – Analog Steak (forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
3. Beat Inc. – Just Remember (Original Cultures)
4. Dbridge – Cornered (Metalheadz)
5. Fracture – Bad Habit (Om Unit remix) (forthcoming Astrophonica)
6. Gemmy and Baobinga – Rockfall (Build)
7. Om Unit – Ulysees (forthcoming Civil Music)
8. EAN – Pictarus (Project Mooncircle)
9. Holy Other – Know Where (TriAngle)
10. Chesslo Junior – INlove (dubplate)
11. Traxman – Footworkin’ On Air (forthcoming Planet Mu)
12. Dream Continuum – B Free (Planet Mu)
13. Eprom – Honey Badger (forthcoming Rwina)
14. Ital Tek – East District (Atom River)
15. Interface & Minus – Hardwork (forthcoming Gutterfunk)
16. Pixelord – Ninja Clown (Deft Remix) (Hyperboloid)
17. 813 – Erotica (Om Unit remix) (forthcoming 92 Points)


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