The Fholston Mission

Throughout last year Philadelphia producer King Britt released material under the Fholston Paradigm alias on Saturn Never Sleeps to, in his own words ‘celebrate my love of science fiction movies, afro-futurism and analog keyboards’. Centered around using vintage Roland, Korg and Moog gear, the project yielded the five track ‘Fiction Science’ EP which evokes classic-era synth production from film soundtracks such as Blade Runner, Escape From New York and Rollerball, and is available for free download here. More recently, the project has been picked up by Kode9 who, after regularly including tracks in his live sets, has just added the three track ‘King Britt Presents Fholston Paradigm’ EP to Hyperdub’s increasingly eclectic catalogue.


One comment

  1. matijaerceg

    Flohston PARADISEEEE! 🙂

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