Kick Out The Jams

Back at the beginning of last year Earnest Endeavours put out the ‘A Heartbreaking Work of Swagger and G Ness’ mixtape featuring Jams. F Kennedy, who forms part of experimental hip hop duo Widows with producer Bobby Evans, who we’re previously known as Brother Reade in another incarnation. The label is about to drop the duo’s self titled debut EP on June 4th, but before that there’s a two-part release party featuring a previously unseen drum installation performance by Widows at 18 Hewett Street Gallery, followed by an aftershow party featuring a debut live electronic performance with guests including Dabrye, Kutmah, Darkhouse Fam, and Patchwork Pirates. Go to Earnest Endeavours for all the relevant information and tickets are available here.


01. Intro – Jams F. Kennedy
02. Drama – Widows
03. Jams vs. Gemmy – Jams F. Kennedy
04. Don’t Start None (Boom Bip Remix) – Widows
05. Jams vs. Hudson Mohawke – Jams F. Kennedy
06. Find Your Way – Superisk
07. Jams vs. Guido – Jams F. Kennedy
08. Issey Miyake – Salva
09. Move – devonwho
10. Ja


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