You Come Down

After being out of the loop for a little bit, we just caught this nicely put together mix that UK producer Hackman recently put together for Mixmag. It’s a deep selection of warm bass sounds that anyone who’s come across his own material on label’s such as Well Rounded and Pattern will be familar with, and lists tunes from Henry Wu and Iron Galaxy alongside music from the likes of Medlar and Lakosa & IO. If you missed the download of his recent ‘Forgotten Notes’ ten inch on RAMP it’s still available here, and there’s a full length album entitled  ‘As Above, So Below’, as well as the single ‘You Come Down’ on the way via RAMP sub-label PTN.


Christian Loeffler – Undefined Season
Vakula – Mama Said Slow
Henry Wu – 9 Bit Stoners
Lakosa & IO – Home Early
Myown – You Can Stop Every Time
Huerco S – Untitled
Kyle Hall – Ghosten
Gerry Read – Crawlspace
Felix Lenferink – First Bouree
Iron Galaxy – Attention Seeker
Medlar – Anything
Groove Armada – Oh Tweak Me
Patrice Scott – Oberon
VVV – Leave
Dorisburg – Emotion
Ports – Nowhere In Between


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