Don’t Start None

The Earnest Endeavours released self-titled EP from experimental hip hop duo Widows, comprised of rapper Jams Kennedy and producer Bobby Evans (previously known as Brother Reade in another life) which has been described as ‘a wildly creative debut release of drums, raps and electronics that sounds like the future but uncannily like a distant past’, has been on heavy rotation around here since it dropped. A video for the lead track ‘Croc’, that was shot in London and Los Angeles by Chicago-based filmaker Sam Macon, has recently been put out that features the duo in various locations and includes footage from the EP’s London release party with Dabyre, Kutmah, and Darkhouse Family, as well as late guests Flying Lotus and Ras G.

Definitely recommended for some inventive production and ultra-tight lyricism, the EP is available from all the usual places, or if you prefer direct from the label, while here, Lex records beatsmith Boom Bip – who you might remember from his Neon Neon project with Gruff Rhyss from a few years ago – has added some touches to the track ‘Don’t Start None’ for the first in a series of Widows remixes offered up for free download.


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