Variation In Production

You’ll no doubt remember the fine ‘Aelonian’ EP from Om Unit that was put out a couple of months ago by Civil Music and marked the London producer’s third EP release on the label. Described as ‘five exceptional and emotive tracks that rouse the senses and together form a cinematic and journeying soundtrack’, it saw contributions from Cosmic Bridge collaborator Kromestar on the heavy hip hop leaning ‘Lightworkers Call’, and Tamara Blessa who provided the vocals for the the track ‘Dark Sunrise’ – the video for which is here if you didn’t see it first time around. Reso and Sweatson Klank both provided a couple of revisions of the opening track ‘Ulysses’, and a buffed up VIP version has also recently made available for free download.



  1. I hope this isn’t trap, cause I love it.

  2. i hope it isn’t either, we would never knowingly post any trap.

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