Open To The Dark

Following some fine releases from Samoyed and the more recent Singing Statues project by BNJMN, Rekordah’s always reliable Astro:Dynamics label has just put out the highly anticipated, self titled ‘1991’ EP by Gothenburg producer Axel Backman. The release has been streaming around various corners of the internet for a while now, so you might know what to expect from the fuzzy, retro-leaning, lo-fi electronic music that’s been described as ‘somewhere between new age regression therapy and hypnagogic pop experiment’. Similarly, the video for ‘Open To The Dark’ – the track that initially caught everyone’s attention – has also been around for a while, but serves as a contrast to the more expansive ‘Distortions Of Time’ which is arguably the highlight of the EP. Available for download direct from the label, things are completed by a slowhouse remix from fellow Swede Ond Tom who calls his music ‘zombified, technoid ritualism for boring nightclubs’.


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