Closer To Truth

Towards the end of last year, music from ‘the brainchild of an artist who initially wishes to remain anonymous’ began to appear on the internets that included a remix of ‘Crystalfilm’ by Little Dragon and a handful of tracks over at an official website. It would seem that the intrigue is over, because Simple Records and Aus Music boss Will Saul recently outed himself as the man behind the music when talking about a forthcoming album, stating ‘I wanted to push this album and myself outside the comfortable realms of what I could achieve on my own. I wanted to get closer to writing the album I have in my head. The name for the project reflects this process and experience’. The release is muted to feature contributions from the likes of Scuba, Appleblim and Ewan Pearson, while this atmospheric track ‘Oscar’ forms half of the last in the series of recent double sided !K7 Records anniversary giveaways, along with ‘Nong Kai’ from German producer Apparat. [via]


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