Straight & Arrow

New York producer Drew Lustman, better known as FaltyDL, follows up the ‘Hardcourage’ EP on Ninja Tune with the ‘Straight And Arrow’ release that features a remix from Gold Panda, another one from Four Tet which you’ll have no doubt heard, plus one from Mike Q and Divoli S’vere which is available for download here in exchange for the usual email address. Released via the London label in conjunction with his own Blueberry Records, a limited edition twelve inch picture disc is out today featuring some interesting surrealist artwork, as well as the aforementioned Four Tet remix on the flip side, and precedes the full release on November 12th.  Early in the new year, he then follows up the ‘You Stand Uncertain’ album on Planet Mu with a collection of ten tracks inventive house music productions described as ‘an electronic opus inspired by love, and crafted with renewed intent and dedication’. Here’s the video for the single by Tokyo visual artist Daito Manabe. [via]


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