The Waterfall Inside


The ‘Branches’ album by Georgy Kotunov aka Long Arm is described as containing music ‘from Soviet era hand-drawn animated fairy tales in wintry forest-landscapes to narratives of urban struggle, or even classical tales in dark and gloomy basement bars’. The album made it onto Gilles Peterson‘s ‘All Winners’ BBC Radio Show last year, and for this winter Project Mooncircle have given the release something of a make over with a new deluxe double vinyl pressing. As far as presentation goes there’s now gatefold packaging, colourised artwork and clear vinyl, and in terms of the music everything has been remastered, plus some new work from Long Arm is included. A second vinyl is also being offered featuring remixes from like minded contemporaries such as Hidden Orchestra and 40 Winks, as well as some reworkings by artists from further afield like Sieren, Yoko Duo, Empt, and this one from Robag Wruhme which has been made available for free download. [via]


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