Primal Pathways


Over the last couple of years we’ve featured the experimental electronic sounds of London producer Ben Thomas aka BNJMN quite a bit, and he recently decided to make this track ‘Comet Coma’ available as a free download. Constantly blurring the lines between mechanical techno and melodic house, the London producer recently explained the motivation behind making his forward thinking music as ‘I try to stay as clear minded as possible when creating, and am more interested in trying to create an environment or something sonically unique than making stuff within certain parameters. I’ll doing everything I can to make the music sound unique rather than trying to create a piece of music that a certain DJ can play.’ In the new year he’ll be building on the two previous well received albums on Rush Hour with a new full length, and will also be putting out music from other projects, one of which includes the Singing Statues alias from which the ‘No Disguise’ EP was released last year and which is still available for download via Astro:Dynamics if you fancy something a bit different.


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