New Midas Sound


While busy individually, it’s been some time since we’ve heard anything from the whole King Midas Sound entity, but Kevin Martin, Kiki Hitomi and Roger Robinson have recently made the long awaited return with the single ‘Aroo’. Following the ‘Waiting For You’ album some four years ago, it was recently announced that the project has found a new home at Ninja Tune, and on a forthcoming album planned for later this year they’re moving on from the twenty first century lovers rock, into an area ‘where drone melancholy and fuzz blisteringly collide’ that has been described as ‘My Bloody Valentine in Dub’. Before that the single, backed by the more downbeat ‘Funny Love’, will be out on heavyweight twelve-inch vinyl as part of this year’s Record Store Day.



  1. This is promising! Loved Waiting For You

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