New Phase One


After putting out an initial taster of his forthcoming ‘If I Tell U’ album back in January, Brooklyn based producer Andrew Jernigan, otherwise known as Phaseone, has let a further three previews go, the most recent being ‘Bianca’ and ‘Arsenal Magnolia’. Out next month and available for order via the Adult Swim affiliated Williams Street Records on a good looking limited gatefold vinyl or the usual digital, the eleven track collection further explores Jernigan’s intricately constructed ethereal textures and moody melodies, which have trademark hip hop drum programming at their centre. The inclusion of vocal contributions courtesy of Alessio Nataliziais aka Banjo or Freakout, Rachel Browne from Field Mouse, Matthew Leach and Dexter Tortoriello are a definite step forward from his ‘Thanks But No Thanks’ debut album on Lefse, and of his music, which is refreshingly taking it’s own path, he says ‘I have no problem letting the music speak for me and represent what I’m about…And if that doesn’t say much, it’s only because you’re not listening yet.’


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