Restless After Dawn


The recent self titled debut album by Wolverhampton duo Richard Roberts and Andy Harber aka Letherette has been getting some heavy rotation around these parts since it’s release on Ninja Tune a couple of weeks back. There is certainly a broad musical depth on offer from the Bangalter-indebted French house of previous single ‘D&T’ through to the looped guitar loitering of album closer ‘Say The Sun’ recorded at Stephen ‘Bibio’ Wilkinson’s studio. In between there is a blissful middle section of blissful boom-bap, downtempo beats, and mood driven pieces such as ‘Hard’Martha’ which the duo say is reminiscent of walking through a city or riding on a train at night…’when compiling the album, we wanted there to be moments that were more introverted and inward, tracks that you can have on your headphones and drift away to’. A fully formed, uncomplicated and enjoyable listen, the album is streaming in it’s entirety here and is available to buy direct from the label.


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