Abstract Apparatus


If you already have each individual EP from last year’s Old Apparatus output on their own Sullen Tone label, then you might not think that the forthcoming ‘Compendium’ album, which is slated for a June 3rd release, is necessarily aimed at you. But as the group recently explained ‘we have always envisioned the separate EP’s forming a larger, more descriptive body of work and up until now that is an experience that has only been accessible through seeing our live show’ continuing ‘the way that the tracks are woven together allows a fuller insight into the sonic landscape we’re trying to create’.


It’s also an obvious starting point for anyone who wants to get more familiar with the Old Apparatus sound, which has been described as something that ‘carves its own niche, leading you by the hand into unknown territory, exotic and mysterious, but shot through with a sense of magic and wonder that always pulls it out of the horror it hints at’. That sound will be available in all it’s machine-tooled glory when the highlights from the EP’s are presented in a sequenced mix, thereby bringing together strings, shoegaze, acoustic guitar, 2-step, jungle rhythms, chopped up hip-hop, deep ambient textures, and everything in between. This video that premiered at Dazed Digital features an exclusive live recording of the material that will feature on the album.


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