Against Interpretation


After being on something of a hiatus since an EP by WIFE back in October last year, Left_Blank look set to continue their aesthetic of dealing with ‘the slightly stranger, skewed and smudged area of dance music’ when they release a self-titled EP from the Saa project between Asher Levitas of shadowy London collective Old Apparatus, and Oslo based composer and vocalist Linn Carin Dirdal. Called ‘gloriously intricate avant-pop, as exciting as it is unclassifiable’, the music is said to be influenced by classic pop production of the seventies and early eighties, the early 4AD sound of The Cocteau Twins, and contemporaries The Knife. Those familiar with Levistas’ production on the third Old Apparatus release via Sullen Tone, the ‘Alfur’ EP, will recognize the bright tones, complex rhythms, and deep layers that fit nicely with Dirdal’s vocals over four tracks.


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