Playing The Game


Bristol producer Hyetal has followed up his ‘Broadcast’ debut album on Black Acre with the eagerly awaited ‘Modern Worship’ long player on True Panther. Analogue equipment clashes with digital sound design over a twelve track collection that pulls in a broad range of influences from dream pop, cult synth scores, funk, and modern hip hop, forming something that has been called ‘twisted electronic pop songs and soundscapes with knowing nods to dancefloors across the ages’. On making the record, Hyetal recently explained ‘When I’m working on the tracks I imagine the visuals that could accompany it. To me Broadcast was mainly glass and metal, large structures, the reverberant sounds of an empty city, most of it set at night. This one felt more like a view of that city from the surrounding dessert obscured by a red fog, with some day trips to the coast line’. This time around singer and sonic experimentalist Gwilym Gold collaborates on a handful of tracks, while long-time collaborator Alison Graner from shoegaze outfit The Fauns provides a couple of vocal contributions.


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