Roads Least Travelled


After time spent as the influential Godflesh back in the late eighties and his more current Jesu project, Justin K. Broadrick’s venture as Pale Sketcher had the musical purists in a bit of a spin upon it’s formation some years ago when he began electronically deconstructing Jesu material into subtle textures, bleak atmospherics and crunching rhythms. The initial results bore fruition with the eight track ‘Pale Sketches Demixed’ release through Ghostly a couple of years back, followed by an EP that featured a remix from King Midas Sound. In the period up until now Broadrick has been spending his time as Grey Machine and JK Flesh, but some recent Pale Sketcher material emerged with the ‘Warm Sunday’ single that was put out on Heartache, and that’s now been followed by the ‘Just Won’t Sing’ EP, which has been made available on a pay what you like basis.

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