News From Nowhere


This year’s ‘News From Nowhere’ album by UK threesome Darkstar came as a bit of a surprise for anyone expecting a rigid follow up to it’s Hyperdub released predecessor ‘North’. In the intervening period between releases, both electronic music and (more so) themselves had moved on, and the well-received, pastel shaded psychedelic pop that featured was described in terms such as ‘the most haunting and colourful album of the year’ and ‘a highly emotive, harmonically sound trip through digitized music’. After last month’s ‘01484’ remix EP that saw the group remix themselves, the ‘HD7’ release again features expansions on ideas from the album, with ‘Timeaway’ and ‘Hold Me Down’ falling under the spotlight, and they feature alongside a remix from Zomby’s Cult Music project, whereas this Nguzunguzu remix is available for free download.


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