The Golden Rule


Brighton producer Alan Myson, otherwise known as Ital Tek, had something of a busy time of it in the last year, culminating with the release of his ‘Control’ album on Planet Mu. The hybrid footwork-leaning rhythms and glossy textures were variously described as ‘sophisticated and dense sci-fi music that flexes your senses’ and ‘a broad reaching album of futurist sheen’, and a handful of tracks that were leftover from the album’s recording will make up a forthcoming EP on Civil Music, which will be the next official release. He recently told Noisey that a fifth studio album will be on the way in the coming months, as will music from another project under a different name, but for the time being here’s a recent give-away if you missed it.



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  2. Hey, do you happen to have any more information about this ‘Alan’s second alias’ you mentioned ? I need to hear haha

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