Districts And Territories


After providing a glimpse into the imagined world of ‘Vapor City’ with the ‘Gunshotta’ EP, described by Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum as ‘the theme for the Gunshotta Avenue district filled with crime, paranoia and darkness’, another look at the dystopian metropolis will come in the shape of the ‘Fenris District’ EP which is due on March 24th. As with the previous release which featured a non-album track, this time around ‘Back Seat Ho’ is included, and similarly after a frankly massive reworking courtesy of Fracture, this time around a remix comes from what sounds like an interesting collaboration between Tectonic boss Pinch and On-U Sound producer Adrian Sherwood. Become a Vapor City citizen for regular updates and bonus downloads.



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  2. Great post! I love how Machinedrum has created this imaginary world within his music. Each district is a new scene to explore! Been on and staying on the Vapor City bandwagon, Back Seat Ho is def a banger! Back ba ba back ba back ba back SEAT HO! 🙂

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