Montages And Mythos


The ever industrious Ross Tones will continue the themes seen on his recent ‘Pathfinder’ EP as Throwing Snow on Houndstooth with a full length debut album through the London label in June. More concerned with an overall sound and feel than concentrating on any specific genre, it’s been described by the man himself as ‘little pieces of the music I love combined to form a coherent whole’, and while the eleven track release will feature elements of folk and real instrumentation mixed with drum funk, electronica and samples, each disparate component will come together to form a collage of sounds, providing a bigger picture in which ‘the listener can find points of reference’. Adda Kaleh features with another contribution after providing vocals for EP track ‘The Tempest’, and she’s joined by Jassy Grez, Kid A and Py, while US duo KNOX collaborate on the non-lyrical ‘Draugr’. You can stream previews clips and pre-order the album over at Houndstooth.


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  1. The video is very amazing.. this song is a go go

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