Tones And Rhythm


After putting out material by artists such as Fuewa, My Panda Shall Fly and Torus, the Sonic Router label from the blog of the same name is due to release the ‘Dulcet’ EP by Bambooman. Called ‘a reinvigorated arsenal of productions’, there are plenty of inventive ideas as you might expect, with a variety of tempos and rhythms over seven tracks which at the same time retain and twist the trademark brittle percussion and big melodies. Similar to it’s predecessor, the ‘Hollowed’ EP on the London label, it’s been ‘made almost entirely out of found sounds and field recordings that I’ve made and processed; sounds I’ve synthesized myself or recordings that were made and donated by friends’ says the Leeds based producer. Spanning dark and minimal sound design, classic beat-heavy instrumental hip hop and more up-tempo garage leaning tracks, the twelve inch is completed by a remix by Filip Ja and is out on May 5th. [via]


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