Love Theme From Forever


The recent ‘Ghosts Of Then And Now’ album by Manchester based Illum Sphere on Ninja Tune has got plenty of coverage on these pages, and the release has now got it’s first visual accompaniment courtesy of Anthony Francisco Schepperd. The animated rendition which uses light and shadow imagines ‘the distance between people and the closeness we experience with love, using the dark undertone of negative space’. The album itself is an accomplished and detailed dark narrative that keeps evolving, and will shortly be followed up by the eight-track ‘Spectre Vex’ mini-album which is due out on April 19th for this year’s Record Store Day. Available on double heavyweight vinyl, it features the new title track and an analogue eighties re-rub of ‘Love Theme From Foreverness’ alongside remixes from Legowelt, Lone, Zed Bias and the multi-monikered Tadd Mullinix, otherwise known as Dabrye aka James T. Cotton aka Charles Manier. Packaged in a matte black flute-cardboard carton envelope, the album also includes four print inserts from photographer Silvia Grav.


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