Wuseng Dub


London-based Italian producer Memory9 has contributed a track to the recent ‘Sonic Carpaccio’ EP on Moniker Eggplant, following the ‘Red Falcon’ and ‘The Abyss Within’ EP’s on his own Mnenomic Dojo label. Both influenced by ‘cinematic soundtracks, early jungle and modal jazz’, the latter further elaborated on the marriage of gentle melodies and modal harmonies with intricate slow-fast rhythms of its predecesor by incorporating live instrumentation and analogue recording techniques, and each release is worthy of further investigation if you’re unacquainted. The ‘Sonic Carpaccio’ EP, however, features four offerings ranging from ‘bright to deep, from dark to bouncy, from dubby to glitchy’ and includes ‘Wuseng Dub’ alongside tracks from ILL_K, Ibunshi and ENA, that according to the Berlin label ‘question how elements of quite antique styles of beat-driven electronic music such as Drum&Bass, Dubstep or even Hip Hop could be reflected nowadays’.


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