Astral Black Beats


Towards the end of last year the Astral Black label run by Jon Phonics began a series of cassette releases with ‘A Short Album’ by Jaisu, which essentially provided a showcase of the Edinburgh beat makers work. That collection of sample-heavy beats laced with electronica, soul, funk, and jazz was quickly followed by the nicely skewed ‘Tyson’ EP from Manchester producer Opal Block, who we were told at the time ‘was raised on a diet of analogue synths and 8-bit midi programming software’. With a grounding in low-end, instrumental hip hop, the ten inventive tracks that took in grime, R&B, rave and new wave were then followed more recently by the ‘Faded With Da Kittens’ release from Inkke, which took things even further down the rabbit hole with some seriously blunted, low frequency beats. Each release is worthy of further investigation if you’re not familiar, and the artists feature collectively on the free ‘Frass FM‘ compilation, which includes further exclusive tracks from both the label’s roster and from guests who have attended the party of the same name in it’s first year.


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