Ghost In The Machine


Around the time of its release the ‘Until The Quiet Comes’ album from Flying Lotus was accompanied by a clutch of visual associations which included a short preview film ‘Small Moments’ courtesy of Beeple, the Cyriak Harris animation for ‘Putty Boy Strut’, the ‘Tiny Tortures’ video featuring Elijah Wood and directed by David Lewandowski, and the short eponymous preview film by Kilal Joseph, which was announced as ‘Video of the Year’ at last year’s UK Music Video Awards. The Los Angeles beat-maker and Brainfeeder boss has continued his fine association with visual artists with a surreal, dream-like piece for ‘Phantasm’ featuring Laura Darlington. Filmed by New Zealand director Marcus Hofko over two days on the North Island of the country, it’s been described as ‘Star Wars meets Antony Gormley meets Chirico meets the rings of Jupiter’ and closes off the last release nicely, while possibly signalling some imminent new material.


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