Montages And Melody


Last month London based Houndstooth announced the forthcoming ‘Mosaic’ album from Throwing Snow with a Rick Robin produced video for ‘The Tempest’, which features both on the coming release and the prior ‘Pathfinder’ EP, released with the intention of providing ‘a route into a greater portion of work, giving a sense of what is to come’. As with that outing, the eleven album tracks are more concerned with an overall sound and feel than dealing with any specific genre, merging together disparate elements of folk, real instrumentation and electronica for something described by the producer as ‘little pieces of the music I love combined to form a coherent whole’. Titles such as ‘Maera’ (Icarus’ hound in Greek mythology) and ‘Draugr’ (‘the walking dead’ in Icelandic,) reflect an interest in mythicism touched on with previous releases, and collaborative contributions come from Adda Kaleh, Jassy Grez, Py, Kid A and KNOX, who get the remix treatment from Throwing Snow on their forthcoming debut EP ‘Thieving of Well’ on Boysnoize.


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