Separate Planes


After the ‘Across The Sea’ album a couple of years ago on Fortified Audio, we haven’t heard a great deal from Austin based producer Shawhin Izaddoost better known as VVV, but his ‘Separate Planes’ EP was recently released via Hush Hush Records. Sticking largely to the Seattle label’s remit of ‘curating an emotional and introspective sound that’s free of specific genre boundaries and ideal for headphone sessions, late-night travels and intimate encounters’, the intricately dark, immersive offerings have been described as ‘a masterful display of emotional tone and heavy textures’. Warmly structured layers and flickering ethereal vocal samples combine with low-slung, bassweight and slow-motion beats for an introspective and beguiling nocturnal soundtrack. It’s out now physically or digitally on Hush Hush Records, and the latest free offering from Kid Simpl is also available, which see’s him add some punchy mechanical elements to his subtle sound.


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