Journeys Into Sound


Originally formed at the end of the last decade by London producers Fracture & Neptune as a portal for their own mix of breakbeat, jungle, dub, and drum & bass, the Astrophonica label has since gone onto provide a platform for other artists such as Dawn By Night and Moresounds. It’s just announced that the music has found a new home on Bandcamp which not only features the label’s entire back catalogue, but also some very tasty looking and competitively priced exclusive bundles which include all the Fracture & Neptune singles, plus all the EP’s from the aforementioned Dawn By Night and Moresounds. Also available is a ‘VIP Series’ three-tracker featuring previously exclusive versions of ‘Bad Habit’ and ‘Clissoid’ from Om Unit and Machinedrum respectively, and to celebrate the launch the label has given away this free track by Fracture.


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