Beyond The East

466 Originating from Brighton, Auryn Tate and Felix Treadwell aka Shinamo Moki have something of a passion for Eastern culture, as their name might suggest. Influenced by ‘nineties anime, Japanese contemporary art, nature, and eastern architecture’, the duo are set to release a debut single ‘Go With Me’ through Abandon Building on June 15th with an obvious highlight being the title track, which combines these influences with sparse synths and warm textures for a gently building, rolling piece. It’s joined by two other tracks ‘Suzhou’ and ‘Good Natured’, and is complemented by three inventive remixes which really make the release shine. Brighton based O Pato toughens things up a little with a left-field hip hop take on things, Vancouver’s BB YO turns in a sparse analogue techno reworking, and My Panda Shall Fly provides a typically idiosyncratic refix, which is premiering here and is available for free download.


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