That Loving Touch


You might have heard the hotly hyped ‘Loving Touch’ track from Charlie Fracture aka Fracture, and this time at least all the bluster seem’s well placed. Forming the centre piece and title track of a soon to be released four-tracker on Exit Records, it employs Ralphi Rosarios and Xavier Gold’s early Chicago classic ‘You Used To Hold Me’ to great effect; sitting it over some frenetic footwork/jungle rhythms and a subterranean bassline. The EP is competed by the soca-sounding carnival rhythms of ‘Werk It’, a hangover-induced minimal 808 collaboration with Sam Binga titled ‘Grippin’ Grain’, and the breakbeat heavy ‘Overload’ which features Hip Hop beatbox and UK soundsystem samples. The EP is available direct from Exit with an additional download, or from the label’s newly minted Bandcamp site, and if you missed Fracture’s own Astrophonica label making the move to the platform there’s something about that here.



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