Black Earth Remixes

4bv We sometimes talk about ‘retro’ sounds on these pages, but the recently released ‘Quick Sparrows Over The Black Earth’ album by Laura Cannell uses fragments of melodies from as far back as the fifth century, at time before a universal written scale of notation, giving rise to the conclusion that most music would probably have been improvised to some extent. It’s something which heavily informs a record of drone-heavy, at times ambient compositions for fiddle and recorder, and more recently artists from the electronic spectrum have deconstructed some of the pieces for the digital-only ‘Black Earth Remixes’ release. Featuring contributions from the likes of Luke Abbott from Border Community, Planet Mu artist Ekoplekz, and Ralph Cumbers aka Bass Clef, who has previously released on Punch Drunk, the EP is available for free download via Bandcamp.


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