Pushing The Tempo


Next up from Project Mooncircle is the collaborative ‘Push’ EP by My Panda Shall Fly and Mau’lin, which is out on September 9th and features five abstract, free-form electronic compositions put together during ‘a spontaneous event of shared loops, ideas and vision’. It’s probably not a million miles away from what you might expect from a producer known for his ever-evolving, dusty expermentation and the Diskotopia artist’s more robust house and abstract techno, but that obviously in no way detracts from the eclectic mix of neo-jazz, house, downtempo and ambient. Opening with the murky ‘Sea Beast’ which layers deep textures onto a steady house beat, the release moves into more left-field territory with the shuffling, broken poly-rhythms of ‘Red’ and the minimal down-tempo, ethereal transmissions of ‘Gingerbread House’, before returning to more direct, dance-floor material with ‘I’. The inclusion of a sprawling, organic remix from Irish duo Lakker of the brooding, fractured digital-only track ‘Keys’ brings things to a satisfying conlusion.


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