Electronic Exploration


Following a number of club focused twelve incher’s on label’s such as Black Acre, Tectonic, and 50Weapons, London trio Dark Sky looked to have honed their sound for their long awaited debut long player, which is out at the end of the month on Monkeytown. Described by the label as ‘a tender and uplifting offering’ and titled ‘imagin’, the release see’s a natural evolution and refinement of the contorted, moody dissonance over ten tracks which have an undeniably sophisticated, retro-sounding, almost sci-fi feel to them. Lead single ‘Silent Fall’ features Grey Reverend who you’ll probably remember from his collaboration with Bonobo, while Cornelia from Portico Quartet features on three more contemplative, downtempo tracks, which sit comfortably beside the more upfront, electro-leaning ‘Odyssey’ (an arguable highlight), and the winding breakbeat of ‘Manuka’.


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