Noise In My Brain


The Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour run by Ph0t0machine has just released a rare EP of original material from London producer Kutmah. Recorded while ‘locked away in a room’ during the days following his well reported deportation from Los Angeles, the six tracks that comprise ‘Our Mannequin’ make for an interesting juxtaposition between retro-referencing early German electonic music and the left-field beats associated with the producer’s once-adopted home. Apparently influenced by his formative teenage years in the goth and industrial clubs of Los Angeles, this engaging mix is best exemplified by the punchy, steady electro of opening track ‘Noise In My Brain’, while collaborations with Zackey Force Funk and Seven Davies Junior provide a human voice to the mechanical proceedings. The second half of the release perhaps returns to more familar Kutmah territory, with the steady, groove-heavy bump of ‘Corprolalia’ making way for the broken hip hop of ‘Amargossa’, before things come full circle and end with the electronic static and heavy melody of ‘Leaving’. Available on vinyl only, only three hundred have been pressed and they’re running out fast, but a little digging might result in one of this year’s more interesting purchases.


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