Purple Remixed


On it’s release via Original Cultures back in April the ‘Purple’ EP was the official debut twelve-inch from Amsterdam producer Sleepin Giant. Featuring New York based poet Aja Monet, Bristol vocalist Romaine Smith (who has previously worked with Typesun) and Amsterdam based Ruben Hein (signed to Blue Note), the musical backdrop that makes up the five heavily soulful tracks has been described as ‘stripped down to its bare essentials with an irresistible interplay between drums and bass alongside warm, sultry melodies that compliment the singing’. As often happens with these things, the label gave the tracks to some friends and acquaintances for a forthcoming remix EP, which is due on September 8th, and includes re-imaginings spanning slo-mo house, two step and broken hip hop from Typesun, Lewis James, EAN of Various Production and Cosmic Bridge renown, and Tokyo producer Sauce81. ‘Purple Remixed’ is now available for pre-order with an immediate download of the Sauce81 and Typesun remixes.


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