Get Some Space


Since the time of it’s release a few years ago, the acclaimed ‘Lucky9Teen’ album from Mike Slott has been seen as something of a seminal effort in the realms of future beats and insrtumental hip hop, and since then the New York based producer hasn’t what could be described as prolific in terms of releases. Collaborations with Martyn and Diane Badie on All City and Project Mooncircle have displayed an obvious talent, as have individual outings on Rush Hour and Fat City compilations, but it seem’s to be a case of to be a case of quality over quantity with some superb remix treatments for artists such as S. Mahabra, Lorn, Cid Rim and Bonobo also filtering through in the last couple of years. His latest is a woozy rework of  the recent ‘Gooey’ single by Oxford indie rockers Glass Animals, which is available for free download, and which doesn’t deviate too far from the original, but some nicely subtle touches take it to another place.


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