Memorial And Testimony


Having previously put out some lo-fi electronic beats and murky industrial techno from the likes of Alphabets Heaven and Rough Lung, London based cassette label Cleaning Tapes continues it’s fine form by collecting a handful of previously unreleased pieces from S. Mahabra for the ‘Memorial’ release. Even though the tracks have apparently been gathering dust for some time, this signals the first original release from the shadowy producer since ‘French Maid’ on BTS Records a couple of years ago, or indeed last year’s accompanying remix project featuring interpretations of tracks from his self-titled album by the likes of Shigeto, Mike Slott, Dibiase and Mono/Poly. Comrpising four sombre beatless excursions, the immersive psychedelic ambience is a slight departure compared to the usual smeared, bass-heavy beats, but it’s still very much S. Mahabra, and it comes with a rendering of the signature artwork that featured on all the producer’s previous releases.


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