The Coda Conundrum


We first encountered the experimental Lost Twin moniker of Spanish beat maker Carlos R. Pinto several years ago through his ‘Saskatchewan Suite’ EP on A Future Without. Since then he’s self released an album of skewed, deeply experimental beats titled ‘Birds’ through Bandcamp and added his idiosinctractic woozy, psychedelic hip hop to artists such as Hidden Orchestra, as well as contributing to the Brownswood Elect*c compilation series, and more recently the WotNot’s excellent ‘Life Between Screens’ compilation. Next month his eight-track mini album ‘The Mist’ is out through recently established Huelva based label Squaring The Circle, and it see’s Pinto push further into deep experimental territory with fractured, reconstructed rhythms, ethereal voices, big melodies, expansive textures and deep bass frequencies.



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