Space And Time


Croydon producer Deft is set for a continued exploration of the more high-tempo side to his sound last heard on the WotNot Music released ‘Always Greener’ back in the spring, with the five -track ‘Blue Jasmine’ EP on Project Mooncircle at the beginning of December. Marking a return to the Berlin label following the Blade Runner referencing ‘Voight Kampff’ EP, Deft describes the collection of mostly late night club constructions as ‘further explorations of footwork/dnb with ambient pieces…a direction I want to take further in the future’, and things begin with the two-part ‘Vapid’ which takes in a choral sci-fi arrangement before moving into some very heavy, abrasive broken beats territory. The tone and tempo continue with the thumping, rolling rhythms of ‘Promise Me’, before things mellows slightly with the heavily atmospheric drum & bass textures of ‘Drawn’. On the white vinyl version, the EP closes with some steady, euphoric nocturnal house music aptly titled ‘The Night Time’, whereas the digital bonus includes, curiously, the beatless, robotic excursion of the title track.


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