From A Distant Star


After numerous collaborations with the likes of Fulgeance, Mike Slott and Kissy Asplund, the debut release from New York born MC DistantStarr is about to drop on Manchester based label My First Moth Records. Totaling six tracks in all, ‘The Vibe’ EP features production from Husdon Mohawke on two offerings; one is straight up hip hop with snappy drums and big bass, while the beats on ‘Buttafly’ are more in keeping with the Scottish producers leftfield output. Expansions Team members Mecca:83 and Buscrates provide some Dilla-esque rhythms on ‘Feeling Like’ with A1 Mighty, while DistantStarr himself has produced the loosely laconic ‘Smooth’, and ‘Laminated Looseleafs’ featuring the vocal talents of Blu. Two versions of the former appear on a free three-track download which at bandcamp ahead of the EP’s official November 17th release date.



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