Everything Will Be Lost


After the ‘Temple Fortune’ and ‘Hayat Zor’ EP releases on Civil Music, that both tapped heavily into rave nostalgia, eighties electro-pop and Italo disco, London-based Michael Antony Wright has just seen his debut album as Brassica drop via the label. Again referencing electronic music’s rich heritage for inspiration, the hard to define eleven strong collection of retro futurist tracks has been described as ‘a sultry, sleazy and stylish Italo-influenced album, with knowing nods to the neon underworld aesthetic of Blade Runner and the faded glamour of Miami Vice.’ As with the previous releases, Wright makes good use of analog synths and vintage drum machines for an immersive and intelligent release which you could probably define as house music in its broadest sense, but there is so much more going on. Taking it’s title ‘Man Is Deaf’ from ‘Opening The Doors of Creativity’ by Terence McKenna, it’s riddled with nervous, noirish anxiety and features some pleasing eccentricities; such as a vocoded Italian translation of ‘Dead Man Skin’ by Slayer on the Italo workout of ‘Ballo Dei Morti’, a guest appearance from Brian Ferry’s Saxophonist Jorja Renn on the Arthur Russell referencing ‘Tears I Can Afford’, and the line ‘Everything Not Saved, Will Be Lost’ taken from the quit screen message of the Nintendo console on album opener ‘Be Lost’.


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