Sketches Of Other Tokyo


Tokyo-based Diskotopia has been steadily amassing an unorthodox and disparate collection of releases since the ‘Unknown’ and ‘VHS Nite’ EP’s from co-founders Matt Lyne and Brian Duur, under their A Taut Line and BD1982 monikers, nearly four years ago. Operating on the outer edges of dancefloor rhythms that encompasses darkly angular house music, subterranean techno, rough grime,  busted boogie, smooth neo-soul and electro futurism, notable releases this year have come in the form of ‘Izu King Street’ album from Green Linez, the ‘Wrecker EP’ from Mau’lin and the ‘Can’t Forget’ single by Visionist, while things have been brought to an end with a couple of thumping, diverse single releases from the label co-founders. Just in time for Christmas, a free compilation has been generously put out featuring no less than twenty-one previously unreleased originals and remixes from the label’s broad assembly of musical styles, spanning relaxed cosmic boogie, low-slung muddied house music and punchy hyper-rhythmic beats.


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