A Separate Reality


The collaborative Saa project between Old Apparatus member Asher Levitas and Oslo based composer and vocalist Linn Carin Dirdal followed up a self-titled debut EP on Left_Blank, described as ‘gloriously intricate avant-pop, as exciting as it is unclassifiable’, with the excellent ‘Walking Waters’ EP which itself has been described as ‘an upbeat melancholic concoction of love, lust, loss and liberation’. Released via Overshare Records in October, the four tracks that comprise the EP have now got a full rework courtesy of a divergent bunch of producers, each providing a unique take on what was already a well executed collection of heavily experimental electronic pop music. Available as a free download; Levitas’ fellow Old Apparatus cohort LTO has provided a wonderfully weighty remix of the title track, while Stuttgart’s Lehman Club resident DJ HOURS has given the cinematic overtones of ‘(K)new You’ a deep dancefloor deconstruction. Things continue with London-based Norwegian duo Oda Egjar Starheim and Øystein Monsen aka Soft As Snow (Houndstooth) twisting the warped R&B of ‘A Separate Reality’ into some experimental, abstract techno-pop, and finally Russian outfit Love Cult take the melancholic lilt of ‘Plane’ into heavily atmospheric, deep technoid territory.



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