Assets And Academia

016 As with the previous editions in London, New York and Madrid, the fruits of last year’s endeavours at the Tokyo leg of the Red Bull Music Academy in Shibuya has just been made available, this time around via an interactive page that allow’s you to download the tracks that make up ‘Various Assets:Not For Sale’ for free. The compilation, billed as ‘as much about the process as the final result’, provides a sample of what was produced by the participants over the event’s four-week span and again mainly features collaborations across its thirty-five tracks, with studio mentors such as Dorian Concept, dBridge and Om’Mas Keith joining the international cast of producers, dj’s and musicians on a number of offerings. Felix, Krizzli, Branko and Dre Skull contribute the dancehall and footwork-indebted ‘Omotesando’ named after the busy subway station in the heart of Shibuya, while on the other end of the spectrum ‘Tokyo Is Calling’ mixes slow funk, Japanese woodwind instrumentation and heavy electronic beats for a love-song to the magnetic pull of the host city.


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